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'Improving Your Efficiency'



Energy Audits with 
Real Time Data

Energy audits provide you detailed information to improve your on-site energy efficiency.

They enhance the decision-making process by targeting capital expenditure to areas that offer the most significant energy and cost-saving opportunities.

Improving energy efficiency reduces environmental impact and provides a 'clean, green' image to clients, customers and employees. ‘We accurately measure it so that you can powerfully manage it.'

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Energy Efficiency for
Pump Stations

Saturn Engineering Group knows pump stations consume a significant quantity of on-farm energy {diesel or electricity}. Conducting an energy assessment highlights pump and engine/motor performance.

We install equipment and gather detailed measurements, processing and analysing them to determine personalised recommendations that powerfully improve energy efficiency and irrigation practices.

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Validation of Non-Urban Water Flow Meters

Our highly-specialised team, provides a trained and certified member of Irrigation Australia Limited to validate non-urban rural water meters - in accordance with AS 4747 as laid out in the National Framework for Non-Urban Water Metering Policy Paper.

Saturn Engineering Group employs multiple accuracy-focused methods, to ensure the validity and accuracy of the Non-Urban Water Meter.

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Independent Knowledge & Expertise

Saturn Engineering Group regularly conducts numerous energy audits and pump assessments. This extensive field experience builds a solid foundation in pump, energy and irrigation systems.

This knowledge places Saturn Enigineering Group as THE expert in its field, highly sought after by government and industry bodies through to the humble farmer, trying to gain knowledge and expertise in improving their energy efficiencies.

Rusty Windmill


Energy and water are two vital key elements for a successful agricultural enterprise.


Saturn Engineering Group has a proud history of applying research and engineering principles to dramatically improve energy efficiency, in agriculture and associated industries.


Our highly-skilled experts can show you how to take control of your precious resources by gathering real-time data for analysis.


Our mission is to deliver the highest quality energy efficiency assessments, with real tangible results so our clients can implement and improve on-site energy performance.


Discover how we accurately measure it, so that you can powerfully manage it!




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Phil Szabo - Managing Director

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